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The phrase "Best Band in the World" is tossed around a lot these days. Are the Beatles or the Stones one of the best bands? We can answer that question for you, both of those bands suck when compared against Metal Skool.

Metal Skool is the greatest band in the world. Buy a ticket to Los Angeles immediately and plan on seeing the band. They play every Monday at the Key Club in Hollywood and every Wednesday at Typhoon Saloon. They also have a benefit show happening on December 9. All proceeds from the show will go to the Brittany Foundation. Check the official Metal Skool website for more details. Here is our interview with the band:

Michael Starr: lead singer
Satchel: lead guitar
Lexxi Foxx: bass
Stixx Zadinya: drums

Blogsnroses: Why no East Coast gigs?

Michael Starr: We've played some private gigs out east before and we really enjoy bringing Hollywood to the rest of the country.

Satchel: East Coast girls are way sluttier than people think and they give great blow jobs, but they talk way too much.

Blogsnroses: Have you ever gotten sloppy seconds from Charlie Sheen or vice versa?

Michael Starr: I remember snorting lines in the bathroom with Charlie Sheen back in the 80's. That's when I knew I really made it! Later we tag teamed a few bitches, but it's all a blur.

Blogsnroses: Well we know you guys get around, so who got the first STD?

Satchel: I actually had my first encounter with crabs that I got from Lexxi's mom.

Michael Starr: Me too!

Stixx Zadinya: Jesus, me too!

Satchel: Later, Lexxi and I banged a girl and she got crabs from me then gave 'em to Lexxi. So essentially Lexxi got crabs from his mom.

Blogsnroses: We are also too vain to show up to a gig in a van. How do you fit a Marshall half-stack in the back of an IROC?

Lexxi Foxx: What is vain?

Stixx Zadinya: We don't really like to broadcast this, but Lexxi's mom usually drives us to gigs.

Lexxi Foxx: My mom is nice.

Stixx Zadinya: She's also great in the sack.

Blogsnroses: Satchel, we learned from you that Lexxi Foxx can't read, so can you read the next question to him? With all the hairspray you use, are you on Al Gore's shit list?

Lexxi Foxx: I like to look pretty. Hairspray is very important to my hair. I spray my hair with hairspray to give it more volume. I like to look pretty.

Blogsnroses: Is it true that Hal Sparks lost his virginity in the bathroom at the Roxy at a Metal Skool show?

Michael Starr: Hal Sparks is an undercover Metal God.

Satchel: He actually lost his virginity when he was 9. He banged his babysitter. I know what you're picturing, but no she wasn't some hot 18 year old. She was 45 at the time and Lexxi's mom.

Blogsnroses: Who has the most dangerous cockpiece?

Michael Starr: I'd have to say me.

Satchel: Yea right dick totally me.

Stixx Zadinya: Everybody knows the drummer hits the hardest.

Lexxi Foxx: How's my hair? Do I need more volume?

Metal Skool's motto is: Spread Metal not Herpes.

Thanks to Metal Skool for the fantastic interview!

Metal Skool at the Key Club Metal Skool at Typhoon Saloon

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